Rangnick hits back at Keane after he came out to show off against Chelsea like an honor match

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Manchester United manager Ralph Rangnick has hit back at Red Devils legend Roy Keane. He said Thursday’s game against Chelsea was an honor match for the players. Kick that the team is about to move.

 Ralph Rangnick has hit back at Roy Keane after the Manchester United legendclaimed the club’s interim manager treated. The game against Chelsea on Thursday night April 28 2022 as an honor match. Testimonial United are now ending a terrible season with their lowest aggregate score in the Premier League. After a 1-1 draw the UFABET game once again their reliance on finishing. Cristiano Ronaldo’s scoreto save the team.

           Rangnick’s side have suffered injuries and the German is unable to use at least six players normally in the starting line-up. However Keane has criticized the decision by the new Austrian manager. With players like Juan Mata Nemanja Matic and Jesse Lingard playing. It is better known that everyone mentioned is likely to leave the club this summer.

           “Tonight we are talking about Matic, who told Sky Sports in a post-match interview that he is leaving, three games left to play,” Keane told Sky Sports . Mata is back tonight. He came in the last few games.” “You have a young player on the bench. let them down It’s like a game of thanks to Mata. I think tonight is his testimonial game. You are fighting for points. You are playing for dignity.”

           “ But it was like we gave him the game to play. We bring down Jones. everyone applauds You’re there trying to win games for Manchester United, forget about letting someone play the game because he’s leaving in the next few weeks. In fact, you should have gone two years ago. But they all came down and it took 20 minutes.”

           “Bring the boys down, they hope to be there in the future. So let them get a taste of Old Trafford and play against some very good players.” “Mata is leaving in a couple of weeks. You took him down last week. Mata won’t come down and change the game. He should have left last year and they gave him another year. I don’t know why Is he working with children he is friends with or with management? Who issues these contracts? It’s crazy.”

           However, Rangnick denied Keane’s allegations and insisted that both Mata and Matic Chosen out of necessity and deserved He said: “I want (for them to play) but it’s about getting the best results and the best performance possible,” he said. “It’s not about gifting. To the players.” ” Juan Mata played in the last 15 minutes Nema most of the game so it’s not about saying goodbye to the fans.” “If that’s possible, I will either do that or I want to do that. But it’s also about getting the best results.”

           However, yesterday (Friday 29 April 2022) Rangnick was appointed as the new manager of the Austrian national team after ending his role as Manchester United’s interim manager. At the end of this season, the German will serve as the club’s advisor for two years, which he will undertake alongside his new role with Austria.

           “I will take over as Austria’s national team manager at the end of the season. but will continue to consult with Manchester United,” Rangnick said. United is back as a true superpower.” “I am honored to be named [Austria] manager,” he added. “The prospect of a European Championship in Germany with a team of youngsters eager for success gave me great expectations.” Rangnick’s contract with the Austrian FA is scheduled to run until 2024.