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Pok Deng card game What is Pok Deng and why is it so popular?

Pokdeng online

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Pok Deng, how to play online, has the following formats and points count

How to play poker online

How to play poker online How is it like or different from playing in a band of cards? Let’s teach how to play Pokdeng, starting from placing bets. pick cash chip And put it on the table, then wait for the card holder to deal 2 cards to the players, then count the points of the bounce. To decide whether to stay or to call, draw a 3rd card which the player will Choose to ask for more cards. Or don’t have to, then wait for the dealer to decide whether the points will fight the player or not.

Pokdeng Betting Rules It’s pretty easy and happens quickly. didn’t take long to decide just a few seconds for easy understanding The score page is described as follows.

  • The A card counts as the lowest 1 point.
  • Cards J, Q, K are counted as 0 points.
  • The other cards are counted accordingly. Numbers in face of cards 2-10 points

How to count the points in the hand, bounce, when the total score exceeds 10 points, then subtract the ten digit For example, the first card 10 + 9 equals 19, that is, the point in your hand is Pok 9, then wait to win with the dealer, if you have the same points, you crash. not as much as we eat full

How does the two-card Pok-Deng rule measure the result of losing or winning?

bounce poker

Pokdeng is measured by winning and losing. Just like Baccarat. But is different in that playing Pokdeng will not be able to play on the banker’s side like Baccarat. The card layout can also look at statistics as well. Which the most popular game on the web is Pok Deng 888 by the rules of playing, there are ways to count the points as follows. In case you already hold 2 cards, your chances of winning will decrease accordingly.

You can turn over the card immediately when the first two card points have a point equal to 8 or 9 points, also known as Pok 8 or Pok 9. If there are two cards with the same face. But if 3 different cards. But the same number. We will call it three bounce. It will receive a payout equal to 3 times.

Learn more: What is Pok 8, Pok 9 , and pay rates in detail

Pokdeng online payment rate, minimum 5 baht, how special?

Pokdeng payout rate

The special with the payout rate Pok Deng online minimum 5 baht. Besides Pok 8 Pok 9 will be arranged in order from large to small as follows

Pok 9 > Pok 8 > Tong > Flower Arrangement > Sort > Color > Normal cards have the following meanings.

  • 1.Pok 9 means 2 cards, total equal to 9 points, payout rate 1 times.
  • 2.Pok 8 is a two card with a point equal to 8, payout rate 1 times.
  • Play Pok 9 2 bounce and Pok 8 double bounce, which is two cards with the same flower, the payout rate is 2
  • Pok 9 and Pok 8 three bounce are three cards of the same flower, the payout rate is 3 times.
  • Triple card means all 3 cards have the same number, payout rate 5 times.
  • Arranged flowers or straight flush is 3 cards that have the same number and same suit, the payout rate is 5 times.
  • Sian, big card or yellow three card means all 3 cards are J,Q,K, the payout rate is 3 times.
  • Sort means that 3 cards are numbered in a row, the payout rate is 3 times.
  • Color means 3 cards of the same suit. Do not rank, payout rate is 3 times.
    • In the case of cards of the same color The order from largest to smallest is
    • Black hearts, red hearts, diamonds, and clubs, respectively.
  • Pair means the first 2 cards have the same number, the payout is 2 times.
  • normal card will compare according to that number If they are equal, measure at the flower.

Try playing Pokdeng, give away 300 free, is there a free trial?

Pokdeng free

What newbie gamblers want the most is wanting to try playing Pokdeng for free , 5 baht per eye, 10 baht per eye because there are still concerns about the rules of each website may not be the same. which according to the game will have How to play Pok Deng that can place bets on the web as follows

  • Pok Deng online, minimum 50 or you can choose 100 baht as well.
  • There is a period of 25 seconds to place bets in each round.
  • Choose the desired player position. There are 5 positions to choose from.
  • Press to confirm the bet. Then wait to open the card.
  • Wait and see the dealer will draw a 3rd card, if the point is higher then win.

Conclusion: Play Pokdeng Online on mobile for real money

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Gamble with online gambling websites that are easy to understand. If you want to gamble on card games with fun, you can come and play 24 hours a day No need to set up a band to play cards, bounce, fear the police will catch them until they join the whole band again, especially during this period, do not gather. During the epidemic of kovic 19, bite for the nation We can choose to play poker as well.