Pok 8 Pok 9 Pok bounce card order, how to measure results, lose, win, how do you get money? We have answers.

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if you are looking A card game that will help you make a lot of money. The team would like to recommend this game. Pok 8 Pok 9. If it’s good, it is. Pokdeng is a card game that is easy to play, fun, not bored, doesn’t take long to play, exciting, exciting, not losing to other games. this game and that will create a challenge A game that has a very easy way to win, with higher hand points. Superior than the dealer is the winning side

Pokdeng has the easiest way to play and place bets. with the concept of using Basic math skills players understand To play easily by yourself, a game in the folk card circle Well-familiar with Thai people, the poker game has a high chance of winning. we can come and see How to play Pok Deng How to play to get money, is it similar to Pokdeng Slots or not? Find out here.

If you play poker You will hear familiarly that Pok Eight, Pok Nine, which one is bigger in order of Pokdeng card games. If you doubt us You can find the answer in this article. But if you want to play can come to play at the UFABET casino camp, the leading provider of Asia’s number one

What is Pok 8 Pok 9? What is the order of Pokdeng card games?

Pok Eight Pok Nine is a game in a circle of cards that we often see at various parties, according to merit events, temple events, royal events, or even meetings with friends. Play for fun, from 4 people or more, which is known as ” the bounce card game ” is considered the main arithmetic activity for family gatherings, gangs, and groups.

Equipment to play is easy to buy. There are convenience stores. Seven is still for sale, along with a piece of cloth, not really, take off this shirt and come on. (Personally, the team uses blankets, check cloths, this is it). nothing complicated You can add numbers and you can play cards. It’s harder to find, it’s the legs or the people who came together in this circle and, in other words, the police came in another story. because of the law

But you don’t want to play complicated, complicated, time-consuming equipment purchases. or even ask that people should come to play and can also play Another card on the banker’s side We recommend that you try to play baccarat sagaming , easy to play, low minimum, register for free, have 100 baht, then deposit money to play.

Why do Thai people like to choose to play this card game because Pok8 orbet doesn’t take long? It’s the same as actually setting up a band. It takes less than 5 minutes to play. It won’t take long, it’s up to your friends in the card circle. Anyone who wants to play can sit and play all night long. For those who like to play short It doesn’t take long. You can stop playing at any time, add a leg, or lower it. Does not affect the game. This is the identity of the card game bounce. Even though it’s a popular game commonly played

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The best popular game, friends will have to play Pok 8 Pok 9.

There’s a lot of flavor Let’s try and say that Pok8 Pok Kao online, that’s why you came too. This card game is accessible to all ages. The part will be easy. It’s harder than any of the card games out there. Not comparable in class, such as card games, three cards, three   cards, black cards, nine cards, etc., still want more As for the money that is used to play together, please have some money with you, a fraction of the money in your pocket. can play with friends in the band

As for anyone who has a thick capital, like a legal online gambling website, it is classified as a bouncer. But I must say that this card game The dealer is not like other games. Because the opportunity to make money, the banker and the player side have equal opportunities.

When 2 cards are dealt, they are not poked in their hand, and they still have a chance to draw a 3rd card to call more. Can you decide to continue? But if you’re satisfied, you can stay. Two cards in your hand don’t need to call more. But the dealer will have the advantage of being able to play 2 strokes. Ask to draw a 3rd card to eat the first round and can also draw a third card to fight others, and this is a strategy for playing poker.

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The format of playing cards, Pok Eight, Pok Nine has the following steps:

How to play Pok Eight Pok Kao

How to play Pok 8 Pok 9 There are simple steps, anyone can play. Let’s see the method before starting. Master’s technique together at the end of the article let’s start How to play Pok 8 Pok 9 first

  • Players deposit money according to their wealth. but does not exceed the maximum limit that the dealer holds (If you don’t have the limit, you can fill it up.)
  • dealer Give each player 2 cards, will choose to circle left or right. Alright, let’s finish at yourself is the last
  • Players can look at the cards. Then whoever gets the poker cards shows the cards and shouts. The cards are turned over immediately.
  • Anyone who mook, continues to play by counting their own points.
  • If the dealer is Pok, the game is over. **If the game is over, you can start the next turn.
  • Player can ask for a third card. If the total is still low *** If the dealer does not Pok Everyone has the right to request a third card.
  • To measure points, players will measure against dealer only If losing, pay money to the dealer.
  • payout rate that will have both Regular payouts, inner circles and special payouts or outer circles, which special pay rates for example Three cards, arranged cards, master cards, pair cards, 2 bounce cards and 3 bounce cards.

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Techniques to make money from playing poker, how to play to be positive

Techniques for making money from playing poker

There are 2 main ways to make money playing poker . It’s up to you to choose. Techniques for playing cards, how to make money, starting from

  1. Play Safe. Small investment and long eating. Focus on eating continuously. Open 2 cards and get more than half of the points. Stay. No need to ask to draw more cards. Let’s wait to see what the dealer will reveal. If you get money, you bounce 1 stick. If you lose, start over.
  2. Gold Digger plays hard, invests hard, is full, choose each eye hard. Even the Dharma cards don’t care. Father’s heart throws money to build, gets 4 points in hand, orders to fight, gets 2 / 2 points for two, bounces and is not satisfied

which today we have Tie around the formula to play Pok 8 Pok 9 for you. Who likes any style? You can choose to play it, not worry.

  • Choose to stay only when it gets 4 points, 2 bounces, except the entry card is 2 – 2, may expect to draw more and wait for the 3rd 2nd card to win 3.
  • Win 3 foreign cards as master cards, or maybe get 8 backs, 9 backs, if you don’t poke, you’ll get money
  • strategy to cut your luck by drawing a card When we get 4, 5 or 6 points
  • Choose to measure 5 points, ask to draw a third card, but if there are 5 points, 2 bounces, stay
  • If the capital is thick, try to be the owner. will be able to win 2 stroke prize money
  • It is recommended to select Play more than 1 leg as an option. More ways to make money

In conclusion, playing poker is attractive in a good choice because

A card game that can be called both hilarious Already in the booze Let’s think about it in an atmosphere of fun, challenging, rhythm, shouting, Pok 8, Pok 9, how much fun will it be? How much fun will it be? bring money to play I want statistics and only know Pokdeng scam as well

Money betting game must play consciously Planning to play, knowing only, like we have played in luxury casino Don’t be a father. Boon throws it all out. It’s going to be the focus. It’s easy to lure targets.