Not pleased! “Conte” admits it is impossible for Spurs to be in the top four with their latest form.

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Tottenham Hotspur boss Antonio Conte has pointed out that it is impossible for them to qualify for the Champions League. If playing with the form in the last game

Conte’s “Golden Spikes” army opened the home defeat to Wolverhampton 0-2 last night. And it was also a defeat in the Premier League for three matches in a row. Previously, Spurs were unbeaten in nine games in a row after Conte took over as manager. They are currently ranked eighth in the table. Five points clear of the top four, but three games fewer than fourth-placed West Ham.

With this form of play, the Italian coach was not very pleased. Which he did with Sky Sport: “I told you since I arrived that we have to put in every game. When you lose two consecutive home games at UFABET and the previous game against Chelsea We want to fight for the Champions League. But with this latest form it is impossible.”

“The problem is, you can’t afford to buy a winning idea. There are players moving in and out, person after person. Only some players can understand what you want to convey at a glance. Maybe there are players who need more time to understand this.”

“The idea of ​​wanting to be a winner, I mean when you play. You are ready to fight while you are still breathing. Every tackle, set-piece, ready to fight every second. There is still a long road ahead of us. The important thing for us is that we are not afraid to face these paths.”