Luza: Watford should have done better

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Watford’s Moroccan midfielder Imran Luza has admitted. He was deeply disappointed. With his recent disappointing result in the defeat to Brighton. Although he could have done better and could have picked up important points again.

Despite having made a brilliant debut in the English Premier League after being promoted back again. Watford’s performance began to deteriorate. Immediately plummeted to the bottom of the table and became so bad that he dropped. Go down in the relegation area already. If still can’t get good form like this. There is a chance to return to the League Championship quickly to meet a strong team like Brighton. But Watford hope to Can only collect victory.

Of course, Watford were the ones who opened the ทางเข้า UFABET game to the fullest, but with insufficient sharpness they were unable to score a goal and also missed a goal late in the first half from Neil Maupay, causing all situations. It got even worse before Adam Webster’s late shot in the box helped Brighton win. Which Imran Luza was very disappointed. The result in the latest match despite having a chance to collect points. By Imran Lusa gave an interview that.

I was very disappointed. The result of the last match especially in the first half. When we let Brighton play too easily before conceding goals although in the second half we performed better and created a lot of goalscoring opportunities. So much but still not sharp enough and conceding another goal made the situation worse before we lost the match unfortunately, although we should have performed better.”