Klopp confident Mane will stay at Liverpool

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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp is confident Sadio Mane will stay at Liverpool despite rumors of a move to Real Madrid and Barcelona. Interested in Sadio Mane

After an outstanding performance at Southampton. It was Liverpool that brought in Sadio Mane. It looked like a worthwhile deal for Liverpool. As Sadio Mane has elevated Liverpool’s offensive line. A lot and is an important part of helping Liverpool win the UEFA Champions League. The English Premier League to be successful. Of course, Sadio Mane became a player who immediately became interested in many leading teams in Europe great work.

Especially Real Madrid and Barcelona have tried to bring Sadio Mane to the team. Sadio Mane performed brilliantly in the Africa Cup of Nations. Plus helping the Senegal national team to win the title successfully, the more Sadio Mane has been interested in many teams and Liverpool have already drawn Luis Diaz to join the team if Sadio Mane He had to part ways with Liverpool, but Jürgen Klopp is confident Sadio Mane will stay at Liverpool.

“It’s very difficult to look for players at the same level as Sadio Mane and players who have performed very well, Robert Lewandowski, Kri. Stiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi is already at the end of his career and having players at the peak in the UFABET team is a good thing for Liverpool, so they There is absolutely no way we can let Sadio Mane leave the team.”