Juventus confident De Ligt will stay at Juventus

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Juventus are confident Matthijs de Ligt. He will stay at Juventus despite reports. That Barcelona are interested in joining the club after the 2021 season.

Since his time at Ajax Amsterdam. Many teams have been interested with excellent on-field performances. But in the end, it was Juventus who successfully brought in Matthijs de Ligt to join the team. And it seems that Matthijs de Ligt’s performance is satisfactory as well. But the problem is that Juventus are in the process of rebuilding the team. Leaving Juventus quite a distance away from success and Juventus. Touss also had the chance to end the season empty-handed, prompting Matthijs de Ligt to immediately consider a move.

And it is Barcelona who are interested in Matthijs de Ligt. Because now there seems to be a problem in the defensive position that is likely to lose many defenders from the ยูฟ่าเบท team. Whether it is Ronald. Aroujo is also gaining interest from several teams. There is also Gerard Pique. He may decide to retire after the 2021/22 season, as his aging makes Matthijs de Ligt a “bad boy”. One of the goals that Barcelona want to join the team, even if they have to spend a lot of money.

But besides Barcelona, ​​there are also Manchester United interested in Matthijs de Ligt, but Juventus have confirmed that Matthijs de Ligt will not be released. From the team decisively, although the offer that comes in is very attractive, given that he is a key player for Juventus, plus Matthijs de Ligt’s contract with Juventus is still until 2024. So there is no need for Juventus to release Matthijs de Ligt.