Gilmour admits to learning from recent defeats

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Norwich City midfielder Billy Gilmour admits defeat to Manchester City in the latest game. It was difficult to deal with. It needs to be learned from defeat. If you want to stay in the battle. English Premier League

Norwich City have started to do better with a series of wins . That have moved up from the relegation area successfully. They have a chance to survive in the English Premier League as well if the standards are maintained. Can play continuously, but Norwich City have to face an important test with the opening of Carrow Road to the visit of Manchester City, who are doing very well with a win. Continuing to hold number 1 in the scoreboard for several months in a row

Despite having to wait until the 31st minute for Manchester City to get a goal leading Norwich City, after that, Manchester City went on to attack with full force before getting three more goals in the half after Rahi. Sterling, the same man and Manchester City, who defeated Norwich City easily 4-0, which Billy Gilmour admits that facing Manchester City is a job. Hard and necessary to learn from the last defeat if you hope to stay in the English Premier League.

“We need to learn from our last defeat in order to prevent the same thing happening again in the next UFABET game against Liverpool. You only have to focus on the next match because it’s more important to us.”