Bielsa: Everton deserved to win

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Leeds United manager Marcelo Bielsa has revealed that Everton deserved a win in their latest game with great performances and Leeds United’s mistakes. in the field a lot

Everton and Leeds United are in a situation. Where they run the risk of falling into the relegation zone. The winning team have the opportunity to move higher. Leeds United seem to have a more advantageous side. After winning successively against Everton almost didn’t win at all. Also missed a lot of losses, but the performance on the field turned out to be Everton have performed much better.

And it took Everton just 25 minutes to score two goals. Before scoring one goal in the second half to close the ยูฟ่าเบท game. Plus the latest win has made Everton’s situation much better, which Marcelo Bielsa also praised Everton for their outstanding performance and deserved the win, with Marcelo Bielsa saying: “The latest result is fair. And because we can’t build an offensive game at all.”

“Plus our defensive game seemed to be in trouble, so we were disappointed to miss three goals and the fact that we were so close to inflicting harm on our opponents didn’t cost us a defeat. Again and it was a match that suited both sides and I have to admire Everton who have done a great job.